Come get in touch... with your wild side!

“On our trip we had an exciting time. We adventured through the woods and open fields, laughing, smiling, enjoying ourselves and others. When we finally could settle down, we really looked for the beauty of nature... I could feel the wind and watch as it made the grass and trees dance together. I could feel the rain as though it was washing down the land around me. I felt like I was part of something grand.”

—Amanda B.

Summer Camps

Looking for a unique summer camp experience?

OWLS offers a limited number of custom summer camps for individuals, families, and groups such as the Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts. Contact us if you would like to schedule a class that meets your needs. We can coordinate with other parents to optimize the experience and timing for everyone’s mutual needs.

Ancient Skills Camp

Two Nights. Ideal for ages 9 to 15.

Ancient Skills Camp follows a theme similar to our Classroom in the Woods programs. Kids get hands-on experience with primitive skills such as natural shelters, friction fires, ancient cooking methods, animal tracking, stalking of game, native plant uses, basket weaving, bow and arrow making, and other age-appropriate survival skills. Based on our belief in passion-based learning, we play lots of games, and keep the fun rolling all day long!

Parent/Child Option:

Ever want to go back to camp, or to spend high quality time with your kid? Well, here’s your chance to do both. Sign up with your child and spend time together in a situation away from all the distractions of home and modern society. There will be plenty of chances for bonding on a deep level and playing together in nature.

Three Days / Two Nights


Our Ancient Skills Camps are held at our River Camp facility, along the Jefferson River near Whitehalll, Montana.

Cost: Three Days / Two Nights

One Participant: $275

Two Participants: $450.

Three Participants: $600.

Four Participants: $700.

Prices include all meals.

Please contact us to schedule your custom Summer Camp!

Good morning,

I just wanted to thank you for putting on the camp. Kaydin had such a wonderful time: he says it changed his life!  He is a ranch kid and has always had a love of nature, but you gave him a different perspective that he and I both really appreciate.  He looks forward to doing the camp again next year.


Trudy D.